Searching… You’ve Already Found Me

This poem reflects the season I’m in right now spiritually. May you find encouragement, and thank you for letting me be real.

“Searching…You’ve Already Found Me”
by: Angie Littlefair

I lift up my eyes
To the vast sky
You created every star
You know how many they are
You know when a wave crashes
When a rock smashes
When the sun rises
When it demises
God You know all
Please hear my call
You know my heart
Wonders where You are
My mind aches
To the point of bodily pain
Longing for You
When You’ve escaped my view
This storm relentless
I wait with patience
To be delivered
Like a rushing river
Breaking the walls
Of anxiety, of depression, of it all
Set me free
To where I can just be
In Your arms
Safe from harm
I know You’re here
Your word makes that clear
You will never leave
You are always with me
But sometimes I feel so alone
And my flesh aches to know
That You are here
That You are here
Set me at peace
Remind me
Of You’re unfailing love
You’re not just above
You are right here
Whisper in my ear

“I love you, you are My Child
My love and affection for you is wild
There is no denying who You are
I formed you from my very heart
You are My Beloved, My delight
I sing over You, You are a beautiful Light
And You shine it through Your whole life.
You are free, you are released, I am with you,
My promises are true. Oh how I love thee,
That you shine perfectly for Me.”

May I hear Your voice
And be filled with joy
In my searching
May You remind me
You’ve already found me
And I am never ever alone.

Thank you for reading,
May the God who sees you and me bless you richly with His unending love and Grace, In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Searching… You’ve Already Found Me