I Can No Longer Be Silent…

What I have to say may or may not come as a shock to most of you. The story that I am about to divulge is one that I write with anxiety but also anticipation, because as someone who struggles with claustrophobia being in confined spaces makes me feel like I’m going to die by being suffocated. I’ve been confining myself to a box for too long., or better yet a closet.

I’m Gay, or rather the societal term for a homosexual female is: Lesbian.

I’m choosing to come out in order to be authentic and tell the truth. My reason for coming out now is because I need to be honest and authentic. I understand that people have varied beliefs on this matter so let me be clear.

I am a Child of God above all else. I am a Christian and I love Jesus Christ. He is the Lord of my life. I am at peace about who I am. IF you disagree with me but do so lovingly then that is your place. If you disagree but are choosing to disagree and have a hateful attitude toward me or my life please do me a favor and unfriend me or unfollow my blog.

If you have been in support of me from day one or you are in support of me now I am forever grateful to you.

I also write this because I know what it’s like to feel like you have nowhere to turn to. Know that when I told my family they did not respond positively and as an adult I had to make it on my own and if it were not for the kindness of friends and strangers I would not be where I am right now. Things are getting better with my family more peacefully overtime but know that if not for kind friends and strangers I may have been without a place to live, food to eat, or a way to attend the school I now attend by the Grace of God. I write these things not in any malice toward my family so please do not fault them, or try to contact them, this is my story.

I know what it’s like to be called less than human because of a part of who I am, I know what it’s like to have my Salvation before God questioned by people who mean well. I know what it’s like to be told that I should not be in ministry pursuing the call God has on my life because of my sexual orientation. I know what it’s like to be despairing at my life because all I wanted to do was “be normal” because something I could not change would “send me to hell” or was an “abomination before God.”

I’m at a place in my life right now where I’m trying to focus on pursuing God and the joy that it brings me to serve Him to glorify His name. As to my future I know God has me in mind and He will order my every step including in matters of whether or not to have a relationship or remain single for His Kingdom. I would rather be honest with my life above all else and worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

I know when God sees me, He sees His creation, His daughter, and I am beloved of Him.

For those who lent your aid to me when I needed a place to stay, food to eat, a vehicle to drive, a job for the Summer, Financial assistance for books for my first semester, and a lot of love of support from so many people who loved and prayed for me this year THANK YOU. I am so grateful for you, for every single one of you.

May The God Who Sees You and Me pour out His blessings upon you.


I Can No Longer Be Silent…