God Has Not Forgotten You

On this Wednesday afternoon I sit here just amazed at the goodness of God and a word in my heart that I’d like to share with you all. In order to do so first let me reflect on a moment a few years ago in my life.
On my second Mission trip to Camp AN, some almost 20 miles off the coast of Emonnak, Alaska this particular trip I witnessed the Spirit of God move in a number of ways amongst kids and teens but my first week there was so powerful me and touched me greatly because God opened my eyes just as to how much he was going to use me to bless others. We did a lot of songs with the kids teaching them motions to go with them and the song that the kids seemed to love the most was “I am Not Forgotten” by: Israel & New Breed. When this song came on, The kids would light up. The declaration that God does not forget his children but He not only remembers them but He knows their name.
Fast forward to this year and my missions trip experience to Titayen, Haiti and there were key elements of the trip, but one that stands out to me was a little girl who clung to me when we went into the village to spend time with the children and play games with them, this girl clung to me and she understood a little English and I spoke a little bit of Creole. But I held her and she smiled and I immediately fell in love with her. I felt in my spirit the Holy Spirit compelling me to sing the chorus of “I am not forgotten” and the next thing I know this beautiful little girl gets all excited as I’m carrying her on my back and I was bouncing and she was singing it with me and so happy and excited and in that moment I almost cried. She got excited at the part of the song that stated “God knows my name” It was a beautiful Holy Moment shared among 2 people from different worlds but a connection to a Heavenly Father that He loves us and has not forgotten us no matter where we are.
In Genesis 16 I am sure Hagar felt cast off and forgotten by this mysterious God that Abraham and Sarah claimed to serve and then in the name of God force her to sleep with Abraham so that they could have their heir. I believe she felt like her only choice was to run because God favored the woman who was being harsh to her and the man who did nothing but listen to his wife’s suggestion, and she hurt and broken and pregnant runs believing that she’s forgotten by this God. She has no place in His heart and it would be better to run into the desert and die.
God in His grace meets Hagar where she is and gives her a promise of who her Son would be (First woman recorded in scripture to have an encounter with The Angel of the Lord). She is sustained. God meets her at a well and God lets her know that He has not forgotten her, that He has a plan for her and for her son, that He has heard her. He knows her name, He has not forgotten her and He indeed loved her.
Hagar names the place she met The Angel of the Lord, Beer-lahai-roi for “The Living God has seen me.” She asks herself “Have I truly seen the One who sees me?
God sees you and he sees me, nothing is hidden from Him. He is the God who sees and instead of such a concept frightening you, I encourage you to find comfort in that because he loves you and He wants your best because He is such a good God. Take courage that He sees you, that He knows you, and that He will bless you.
May the God who sees you and me pour out His richest blessings upon you.
God Has Not Forgotten You

The Grace of the Holy Spirit. The cleansing of the Tongue

Tonight I listened to a sermon from Hope Community Church in Winston-Salem and Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn was a guest speaker for their 25 days of worship in order to celebrate 25 years of ministry as a Church.

Her sermon was so powerful. As a person who grew up around the Pentecostal exposure to the power of the Holy Spirit I had moments where I literally wanted to dance because her Word was directly from the Holy Spirit.

She preached through Isaiah 6; James 3 and many other texts surrounding the power of the tongue and it’s role in our lives. She talked about how God wants more than just the initial commitment of our hearts but He wants our  tongues.

She talked about the power of words and how words have an eternal imprint. That they really are so important that they can make or break us. They can make or break a community, they can make or break and even burn a ministry.

The Lord wants to do something in the nation I really believe that and I believe He’s going to start with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a way that this nation has never seen before. He going to pour it out and He’s going to start with a very important part of us as believers. He’s going to start with our tongues.

As she preached she talked about The Day of Pentecost in relation to Isaiah 6 and her insight by the work of the Holy Spirit blew my mind.

I by the grace of God received the baptism of the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues when I was 15 years old. As a person growing up as I did, the laying on of hands, prophetic words, and speaking in tongues is nothing I’m new to and nothing that scares me. I feel at home when I hear words spoken about the Holy Spirit. Being at a Baptist School which I love makes it hard to broach this subject at times just because that in and of itself scares people. But what she (Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn) points about about tongues is poignant. I’ve heard from my life early as a believer that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit manifests itself with the “Evidence of Speaking in tongues” I’ve heard this more times than I can count and I believe it, but it’s more than just evidence.

She pointed out from Isaiah 6 that before Isaiah could go and proclaim the Word of God by prophesying his tongue needed to be cleansed by fire. When the Apostles received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost cloven tongues of fire were above their heads and that’s not a coincidence. By a flaming coal was Isaiah’s tongue cleansed to speak the word of God. By a flaming tongue so the Apostles and we here and now after as we speak in tongues our tongues are being purified. As our tongue is purified so is our hearts purified for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Our tongue can set our whole beings on fire with the very flames of Hell or with the Fire of God. God offers the Gift of the Holy Spirit through speaking in tongues but many believers are so afraid of this or write it off as something for the past that we no longer need. Her teaching of the tongue being cleansed by the power of the Holy Spirit as a part of sanctification is beautiful. It’s incredible.

Do you need tongues to be saved? No.

Is it beneficial to do doing the powerful work of God. I believe so.

I ask before you write me off as a crazy Holy Roller to pray about this, ask God to cleanse your tongue, ask God to show himself to you in regard to speaking in tongues and I believe you will be amazed. Prayerfully consider this and the power of your tongue and how it can be cleansed.

May The God who sees you and me pour out His love and blessings upon you



The Grace of the Holy Spirit. The cleansing of the Tongue